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From little acorns, mighty oaks grow


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  • Wonder

    Published 29/01/19

    Wonder is simply one of the most thought provoking books out there.  

    The blurb says:

    My name is August.

    I won't describe what I look like.

    Whatever you're thinking,

    it's probably worse.

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  • First World War Poetry

    Published 29/01/19
    Year 6 have been studying World War One Poetry. They have analysed the language choices and it's impact on both the soldiers at the front and the families at home.  Through lots of discussion and exploration of both stories and poetry, ch
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  • The Piano

    Published 16/11/18

    In Term 1, the children used the video below as a stimulus for writing.  They thoroughly enjoyed the piece and produced some amazing pieces using emotive language.  We focused on speech and different sentence structures.  We also used this as an opportunity to extend their use of higher level punctuation such as brackets and dashes.

    Why not watch the video and see where your imagination takes you on retelling the story.

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  • Kensuke's Kingdom

    Published 16/11/18

    What a fantastic way to start the year with listening to Michael Morpurgo's Kensuke's Kingdom.  A gripping story from the start that captured children's interest.  The story of a young boy who finds himself lost at sea and then stranded on an island.  Is he alone or not? 

    The children used this as stimulus for a variety of genres from diary entries to a newspaper report.  They focused on uplevelling their language and beginning to use a range of punctuation correctly.

    We would thoroughly recommend this text.

    The Year 6 display board showing great examples of their messages in a bottle.

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