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Palace Wood

Primary School

From little acorns, mighty oaks grow

Meet The Staff

Headteacher Mr Chatley
Deputy Head

Miss Ridout

Assistant Heads

Mrs Childs (on maternity leave from October)

Miss Gower (Acting Assistant Head)

Mrs Vincett

SENCO Mrs Root
Foundation Stage 

Mrs Wallace (EYFS Leader) and Miss Gasson

Mrs Gilks and Mrs Deane

Year 1

Mrs Tristram, Mrs Gallie and Miss Knowers

Mrs Anderson, Mrs Trumble, Mrs Adair, Mrs Roberts

Year 2

Miss Gower and Miss O'Brien

Mrs Holmes, Mrs Moule and Miss Tuffin

Year 3

Mrs Hutchison and Miss Mason

Mrs Freeman and Mrs Vella

Year 4

Mrs Nolan and Mrs Armstrong

Mrs Beighton-Delile, Mrs Dockree and Mr Fullagar (am)

Year 5

Miss Carpenter and Mrs Kyte

Mrs Lembo, Mrs Payne, Ms Watts, Mr Tree, Mrs LeFevre (am) and Mr Fullagar (pm)

Year 6

Miss Ridout, Mrs Vincett and Miss Creates

Mrs Griffiths, Mrs Rose, Mrs Knight and Mrs LeFevre (pm) 

FLO Mrs Ball
PPA/Cover Supervisors Mrs Uttridge, Mrs Norris and Mr Fullagar
French Teacher Mrs Ridout
Music Teacher Miss Beevis
Subject Release

Mrs Brecht

Year 5/6 Booster Mrs Watts
Site Manager Mr Stock
Office Manager Mrs Smith
Bursar Mrs Emmerson
Admin assistant Mrs Hart